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What is a hybrid heating system?

What is a hybrid heating system?

A hybrid heating system is a combination of two or more heating technologies to provide heating and hot water to your property.

This can be an effective system for those who have a gas or oil boiler and wish to complement this with a heat pump or a set of solar panels.

The problem with having a heat pump

For a heat pump to work efficiently the temperature of the water needs to be kept as low as possible.  This is ideally around 40°-45° degrees compared to gas or oil boilers which is typically 75° degrees.

Over 80% of UK homes were built prior to 1960 and typically are not built particularly efficiently. This may be in the form of poor glazing, loft, wall or floor insulation. This means more heat is lost through poorly insulated areas. This isn’t an issue for a high temperature gas or oil boiler which reaches the required high temperatures but often means for those with a low temperature system simply too much heat is lost which can lead you struggling to heat your home during cooler weather.

Hybrid systems could offer a sustainable solution

Therefore a big advantage of a hybrid system would be that you have the back up of your gas or oil boiler in the cooler season and then the heat pump when the temperature isn’t too low.

Similar to a hybrid car your heating system would be able to switch between technologies and the hybrid system would ensure cost efficient technology is used.  The heat pump would heat the property in the warmer months and would use the boiler to top up the system in cooler months. The boiler would also provide higher temperatures needed for hot water.

Of course this hybrid method will not deliver the same carbon reduction as a hydrogen boiler but when comparing to a heat pump only approach it is likely to be a more practical and comfortable approach for the homeowner, less costly alterations will be required. The customer would enjoy same level of comfort as with the gas boiler but with reduced carbon emissions. Many people who have a heat pump complain of their home not being as comfortable due to the reduced temperature of the water and heating.

Hybrid systems need to be easy to use

A modern hybrid system ensures the most appropriate heat source is used. Therefore in order to work effectively the controls that the user can operate need to be easy.  Ideally, the householder should be able to programme the heating system times and temperature requirements and the control systems will orchestrate what technology actually generates the heat required, not dissimilar to a hybrid car where the driver simply drives as normal without any knowledge as to whether it’s the combustion engine or the battery that is propelling the vehicle.

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