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Total Energy Services installs new oil boiler in Blandford

Total Energy Services installs new oil boiler in Blandford

Our customer lives in a picturesque Dorset village near Blandford Forum.  Like many rural properties there is no natural gas supply therefore residents often rely on oil-fired boilers to provide heat and hot water. Our customers’ existing oil-fired boiler had broken down and due to the age and condition of the boiler it was decided to replace it with an energy efficient model.

Grant Oil boiler

A Grant Vortex Eco 21w Oil Boiler was installed. This compact yet powerful boiler is perfect from when space is a premium indoors. This highly efficient boiler with its resilient frost proof powder coated outer casing is designed and built to withstand even the harshest of winters.

It’s A rating means you can rest assured this boiler is top of its game for energy efficiency. If installed by a Grant accredited installer such as Total Energy Services along with a magnetic filter you can attain peace of mind with a 5-year warranty.

The Grant vortex boiler is available in a range of outputs and is especially quiet in operation. As with all of Grants boilers the Grant Vortex is biofuel compatible.

What is a magnetic filter?

Overtime sludge builds up within your heating system. This sludge is essentially a composition of dissolved rust from your pipework.

This is formed by the water within your heating system reacting with the metal pipe work. As this sludge is heavier than water it typically will sit in the bottom of radiator and pipework especially on the lower floors. If left to continually build up it can cause an array of issues.

Common issues caused by sludge

  • Radiators are hot at the top but cold at the bottom
  • Pipework to radiators is red hot but the radiators themselves are stone cold
  • Leaking boiler
  • Boiler breakdowns
  • Noisy system
  • Higher energy bills.

This all resides to the fact that your system is having to work harder to produce the same amount of heat.

The method of system cleanse will depend on the composition of the system and pipe work. The two types of system cleansing are either a chemical cleanse or a power flush,

If you have a microbore system your pipework is very small meaning a more gentle approach is required. In this instance the chemicals will be circulated through the system via the natural water flow.

What happens during a powerflush?

During a powerflush a special machine is attached to the pipework where chemicals are passed through the system at high pressure to flush out all the sludge and debris. These chemicals include a descale to remove limescale, another chemical to dislodge rust and a chemical inhibitor to help prevent the future build up this along with fitting a magnetic filter after the new boiler is installed will help protect your heating system and therefore boiler for longer. Therefore manufactures stipulate a system cleanse and magnetic filter must be installed to ensure the warranty remains valid a long with an annual boiler service.

What next?

If you are looking for a oil boiler engineer in Blandford, our local OFTEC engineers are in and around Blandford on a daily basis. Whether you are looking for a boiler service, a one off repair or you are considering a new boiler we offer a free no obligation new boiler survey.

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