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How to design a sloped ceiling bathroom

How to design a sloped ceiling bathroom 

Loft conversions are one of the most common home improvements for people wanting to add an extra room or two to their home.  Often it is to add an additional bedroom and bathroom.

This bathroom can be tricky to design as your working with the parameters of awkward ceiling heights and layouts. However, done right a sloped ceiling bathroom can be just the sanctuary you need to unwind.

1. Consider toilet placement

When considering the layout of your sloped ceiling bathroom you typically wont be left with too many options on toilet placement.  Siting the toilet directly below a velux window is a good way to achieving height.

2. Shower position

Installing the shower at the highest part of the ceiling will maximise head room and prevent the shower from feeling pokey.

3. Vanity choice

If you are siting the vanity on the sloped ceiling side because you need the shower and the loo on the full height ceiling side consider lighting and mirror options.  If space allows an ashlar wall can be built out slightly giving you additional room for a mirror.

4.Create character

Just because the space may not be the ideal shape and size you can still create a cosy feel. Incorporating natural materials such as stone and wood will give you a natural yet clean feel. Panelling is a great way to add character to an attic bathroom. It is also relatively easy to do yourself with moisture resistant MDF options.

5. Add a bath

A beautiful bath can really turn even a tiny room into your sanctuary. The Albion bath company tubby tub is only 1200 in length and is perfect for even the tiniest of bathrooms.

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