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How to cool a large space cost effectively?

How to cool a large space cost effectively?

Cooling large spaces with direct evaporative cooling units.  Many businesses tend to be quite anxious about the warmer summer months.  Especially those in the food and pharmaceutical  industries, where equipment such as commercial scale ovens can cause extremely uncomfortable working conditions for staff and customers.


A well-known food producer had been struggling for a number of years with summer temperatures reaching an excess of 40degrees in their manufacturing space. A traditional air conditioning unit was not sustainable due to the excessive running costs.


Keen for a long-term solution direct evaporative cooling units were installed. Minimal running costs and finding an environmentally friendly were key. The clever positioning of the coolers allowed for optimal air flow and around the building.

Why is air quality so important?

Not only is working in extreme heat physically uncomfortable, germs and fumes left to circulate potentially pose a greater risk.

Employees morale, health and productivity are also compromised. In fact, almost 70% of UK workers believe poor indoor air quality has a negative impact on their health, according to a recent YouGov survey.

Traditional air conditioning units are they expensive to install, run and maintain all whilst using chemical refrigerants to circulate stale air, meaning any lurking germs are also recirculated.

Evaporative coolers 80% more cost efficient than traditional air conditioning

Evaporative cooling units use 100% fresh air.  No chemical refrigerants are required, only a water supply and electricity meaning they really require little energy to run.

Breezair units by Seeley International are the leading evaporative cooling manufacturers globally. Famous worldwide for their unbeatable quality and performance, they have won numerous accolades.

More and more companies are using Breezair evaporative coolers in the UK such as Nicholl Food Packaging, Bennet Opie, Riverside Bakery, McCormick, Headland Foods, AIMIA foods, Ageas, CPG Logistics, John Doe Furniture, Data centres and more.

Total Energy Services experts in evaporative cooling

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Evaporative Cooling Projects

Evaporative cooler fitted in a Warehouse, Portsmouth

Evaporative cooler fitted in a Datacentre, Dorset

Evaporative cooler fitted in a large scale office, Southampton

Sarah Higgs Seeley International UK manager

Total Energy Services have been established as Seeley Approved Contractors since 2017.  They excellently undertake installation and service work with our products and have been innovators in successfully applying the Breezair coolers for some niche applications.

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