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Energy Efficient Oil Boiler: How to increase the efficiency of your oil boiler

Energy Efficient Oil Boiler

Oil boilers can be just as efficient as a Gas or LPG boiler with the same principles applying to oil fired systems as natural gas, in fact many A-rated oil boilers reach efficiencies of over 90%.

Regular Servicing

Fuel efficiency of the boiler is key, even a small drop in performance can become costly especially during the winter months when you rely on your boiler the most. Failure to get your oil boiler serviced regularly can even invalidate any warranties as most manufacturers state that the boiler needs to be serviced at least every 12 months. During your boiler service the engineer will carry out a series of checks inline with OFTEC procedures, for oil boilers often the nozzle will be replaced as it can often become warped over the year. The engineer will also clean the heat exchanger to remove any soot.

Watch the temperature

Firstly, ensure your boiler is not turned up too high.  Boilers which have been incorrectly programmed can run a lot higher than need be.  If you run your boiler at a lower level on a consistent basis this can lead to cost savings over the course of a year.

Often just turning down your thermostat by just one degree can make a noticeable difference to your fuel bills over the year and only a degree is barely noticeable.

Always use a OFTEC technician

Secondly always get your boiler serviced by a registered OFTEC approved engineer, OFTEC are the body similar to the Gas Safe register who regulate heating engineers that work with oil fired appliances.

Be smart with your heating

Make use of heating controls, both modern and traditional controls are an effective way to get the most out of your heating system. Instead of using your controls to turn up and down your heating all the time try to maintain a slightly lower temperature.

Consider a new oil boiler

Consider replacing your boiler. If you have an old oil boiler which is not condensing we advise you consider replacing it with a new energy efficient oil boiler. New oil boilers are designed to be both durable and efficient. The important point is that your new boiler should be a condensing boiler great for reducing heat loss by up to 30% compared to old inefficient boilers.


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