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Are oil boilers being banned?

Are oil boilers being banned?

The ‘Clean Growth Strategy’ is the UK government’s ambitious blueprint for Britain’s low carbon future. However, what does this mean in reality for the 4million plus homes that are not connected to mains gas.

Should I replace my oil boiler?

Your existing boiler may be coming to the end of its life span and you are likely to be thinking should I replace my oil boiler or look for an alternative energy source. With a lack of clear information from the government it can be a bit of a mine field.

Are oil boilers being banned?

We always recommend referring to OFTEC for the latest information when it comes to oil fired heating systems. OFTEC is the leading non-profit organisation for heating and cooking industries in the UK. They cover oil, solid fuel, and renewable heating systems.

Whilst the government have not published plans to ban the use of oil boilers, they would like to phase out the installation of new fossil fuel appliances. Currently this only applies to new build properties.

What would replace oil?

There are many exciting and viable options. Of the fuels currently available, Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO), a type of biodiesel, is the preference as it is a drop-in replacement for heating oil, so few changes will be needed to existing heating systems. HVO offers high levels of carbon emission reduction and can be blended with heating oil without adverse effects.

This will make banning oil boilers unnecessary.

Replacing your oil boiler?

Of course we must all work towards lowering our carbon footprint in any way we can. However, replacing your existing oil boiler with a new energy efficient appliance is still a very sound investment.

Once biofuel can replace heating oil then modern boilers will simply be converted to run off this renewable fuel type.  This is similar to the likely solution to gas boilers, Worcester Bosch and Baxi have created a working prototype and it is looking very positive that hydrogen boilers will simply replace gas boilers.  Once the government approves these as viable fuel sources, the boilers will be manufactured with a conversion kit inside them. This ensures a smooth transition if and when the switch happens.

Remember that by replacing an old inefficient boiler with a high efficiency condensing boiler will reduce your fuel bills and your emissions usually by a considerable amount.

In summary, it is likely the government will only consider banning fossil fuels once low carbon options are affordable and widely available. Such as biogas, hydrogen boilers and biofuel. Currently leading manufacturers and non profit organisations are working with the government and we expect more updates soon.

What next?

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