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Worcester Fault Codes

Worcester Fault Codes

What Worcester Fault codes and how to fix them?

Faults codes are essentially a safety feature of your boiler.  If you are confronted with a fault code the first step would be to restart the boiler. If the fault code still appears we would advise you call out a qualified Gas Safe or OFTEC engineer depending on whether you have a gas, LPG or oil boiler.

If the fault code disappears it might be worth booking in a boiler service to ensure you are doing all you can to keep your boiler in tip top condition.

How to reset a Worcester Greenstar boiler

To reset your Worcester Bosch Greenstar you will need to press and hold either the ‘reset’ button or the tick button until you can see that the system is attempting to restart.  This essentially sets the boiler back to its factory settings. Of course it is important to remember that any bespoke setting you have on your boiler will need to be re-inputted. If in any doubt you should call a qualified heating engineer.

Common Worcester Fault Codes


This is the most common Worcester fault code and can mean a variety of things. Essentially the Worcester EA Fault code is a failure to ignite.  The boiler will usually lock out 4 times and then go into a locking mode.

Causes of EA Fault

Possible causes could be the flame has been extinguished due to a blocked sump or strong wind in the flue. The gas valve coil could have been dislodged or the pump may be faulty.

What to do

If confronted with an EA fault code on a locked out boiler we would recommend getting a heating engineer out to diagnose and repair the fault.


The D1 fault code can be caused by the boiler overheating or a sensor has been damaged perhaps through moisture or may have become disconnected.

What to do

Call a heating engineer.


If you are confronted with an E9 fault code this can be serious. This can mean that the main heat exchanger has overheated which if left could be very costly, it ciould also mean that a thermostat within your boiler has overheated or that the maximum temperature on the sensor has over heated or has failed.

What to do

Call a heating engineer


The C1 fault relates to the boiler’s fan. For example because the fan has stopped. Before you were confronted with this fault you may have noticed that the boiler was making a whirring noise. Do not try to unseize the fan yourself.

What to do

Call a heating engineer


Little or no water in the system.

What to do?

Firstly you can check pressure gauge and if you know how re-pressurise the boiler to 1 bar. You should ONLY do this if the boiler is cold. If the fault code comes back we advise calling a heating engineer.

Is your boiler under warranty?

If your Worcester boiler is under warranty, you can call the installer who fitted your boiler.  They will be able to arrange for the manufacturer to attend free of charge.  Remember for your warranty to remain valid you must be able to demonstrate the boiler has been serviced annually.

What if your boiler is not under warranty

If your boiler is not under warranty then you will still need to call a qualified heating engineer with experience of Worcester Boilers who will be able to diagnose and repair your boiler.

Total Energy Services are accredited Gold installers for Worcester Bosch Boilers and have been for many years.  Our specialist engineers are experts in fault finding and repairing Worcester boilers to ensure you are back up and running in as little time as possible.

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