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Why booking an annual boiler service can save you money

Annual Boiler Service

It’s already that time of the year when the majority of homeowners have taken the plunge after the summer months to turn on the heating.  As the cold weather creeps upon us boilers which may not have been used for several months are now hopefully kicking into action. Unfortunately for some this is not always the case. In fact some energy providers have predicted 7,000 boilers will break across the UK over the next few months.

For this reason many heating companies and energy providers advise getting your boiler serviced before switching the heating back on.  An annual boiler service is a quick and cost efficient way to ensure your boiler heads into the winter season working to its best ability.

A yearly service will help spot signs of wear and tear before they could turn into a costly breakdown. With the average boiler repair coming in at over £300. An annual service can help to save you money, especially in the run up to Christmas.

Additionally as most heating companies experience a surge of call outs from October onwards you may not be able to find an engineer who can attend to your property for some weeks.

Preparing for winter

Having your boiler serviced before you are completely reliant on it for heating is a great way to prepare yourself.  Similar to a car which has not been used for a while, boilers can also seize up.  Without the help of an experienced heating engineer this can wreck havoc with your winter plans.

Winter is also the perfect time to bleed your radiators.  This disposes of any air that has built up in your system over the summer months.  Booking a winter vacation? It is still best to run your heating each day even just for an hour or so to keep it ticking over.

Boilers which are not maintained and / or damaged can be very dangerous to you and your family.

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