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What is the difference between an oil boiler, gas or LPG boiler?

This question is fairly obvious but it is interesting how many people are not really sure how each heating system works, until you decide to embark on a life in the country and discover  yourself faced with an outdated inefficient oil heating system and have no idea how it works.

Most people are aware of natural gas heating systems as that is what the majority of the country use to heat their homes and cook their food, homes which use natural gas are connected to the national grid.

However, what happens if you are living in one of the 4 million homes that are not connected to the national grid?  If your home is not connected to the grid then for most the fuel choice is LPG or Oil.

As a rule of thumb heating oil tends to be cheaper than LPG, however you can use LPG for your oven and hob whereas oil fuel is only really used for the boiler.  Both LPG and Oil are easy to purchase. LPG gas is stored in a tank on your property.  Its important you use a reputable company so that you can ensure a reliable supply. Some companies offer an automated gas top up which is very handy.

If you have an oil boiler again your oil will be stored in an oil tank,  is primarily from a few selected suppliers, for example many of our customers use Northover Fuels

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