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Top Tips for Maintaining Your Oil Boiler

We recently covered top maintenance tips for Gas Boilers but also wanted to covered tips for those with an oil boiler system as although many of the principles are the same there are also some tips that apply just to those with an oil boiler.

Best practice advice.

Keeping your boiler clean, investing in room thermostats, pipe lagging and carbon monoxide alarms remain just as important no matter if you have oil, gas or LPG heating system.

Regular Boiler Services.

Getting your boiler regularly serviced by an OFTEC engineer allows the engineer to look for early warning signs that something may need replacing before it is too late and causes a breakdown.

Don’t let the oil tank run out.

Make sure the oil tank and supply is checked regularly, if your tank runs out of oil this could cause the oil pump to seize meaning an OFTEC heating engineer will need to attend to your boiler and bleed the oil line to remove any trapped air caused through the lack of oil.

Yearly Nozzle.

Oil boilers require a new nozzle each year usually replaced during the service because oil is pumped through such a high velocity the brass nozzles over time become warped.

Nozzles are very important as they regulate how much oil passes through the burner and failure to have this replaced can cause too much fuel to pass through worsening the soot in the heat exchanger leading to an inefficient heating system.

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