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Should I replace my radiators at the same time as my new boiler?

Should I replace my radiators at the same time as my new boiler?

Replacing your boiler is often a considerable expense.  You may be wondering whether you should also be replacing your radiators at the same time?  If your existing radiators are over 15 years old it could be a good idea to ask your installer about replacing them.

Your new boiler will fare much better if the water being pumped round your central heating system is passing through a modern radiator over older corroded radiators.  This can lessen the efficiency of your new boiler. Prior to your boiler being installed your heating system will undergo a deep clean also know as a powerflush or chemical flush depending on the cleansing method used. Despite this cleaning process older radiators will find the corrosion will build back up faster and could lead to cold patches within the radiators.  This can inhibit the heat production.

Heat your home faster and save on fuel bills

New convector radiators are usually 50% more efficient due to the increased surface area. Metal fins on the back of the radiator panel increase the surface area meaning the radiator can heat up much quicker and produce more heat by using less energy. This means your boiler can turn off quicker saving you money on fuel bills.  Furthermore, modern radiators do not need as much water to circulate heat meaning your boiler does not need to work as hard.

Modern radiators and heated towel rails can go a long way to improving the efficiency of your central heating system. New radiators are often smaller than their traditional counterparts but despite being more compact they will provide a better range of heat. You can also choose from a huge variety of styles / designs and colours. Whether you are fond of the traditional cast iron style radiators or prefer the sleek vertical styles seen in many contemporary homes.

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Should I replace all my radiators?

Don’t worry if your radiators are different ages.  You can easily just change some radiators rather than all of them. Perhaps you feel that some of your current radiators do not provide enough heat and would like some advice.

What next?

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