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Potterton Gold Electric Boiler: An introduction

Potterton Gold Electric Boiler

For the purpose of this article we will focus on an electric boiler that runs off a ‘wet system’.  The Potterton Gold electric boiler is constructed to heat re-circulated water used in central heating systems.

This type of electric boiler uses electricity to boil water which passes around your heating system through your radiators.  As with gas, LPG and oil boilers electric boilers are available as a regular boiler, system or combination boiler (combi).  Each boiler will have a different output. Usually the greater the output the more powerful and therefore more expensive the boiler will be. The Potterton Gold Electric boiler currently comes in 9kw and 12kw outputs.

Total Energy Services have installed this boiler numerous times for both commercial and residential customers.  Its a great option for those who are limited on space due to its compact design.   This boiler works easily along side radiators, programmers, pumps and room thermostats.

For your Potterton Electric boiler to produce hot water it will need to be installed with a Potterton Gold indirect cylinder.

How is the water heated?

As cold mains water passed over an electric immersion it is heated within a chamber.  The water temperature is then controlled by elements within the immersion.

As with a natural gas, LPG or oil boilers, the Potterton Electric boiler can be controlled by standard programmers and room thermostats, allowing ultimate control over your heating system.

Benefits of The Potterton Gold Electric Boiler

  • No flue required saving on installation costs and time taken to install
  • No storage tanks required saving on space
  • Very quiet in operation
  • Easy to operate user friendly controls
  • Works off a wet central heating system
  • Domestic hot water can be provided by a cylinder
  • Safety trip for no water or flow
  • Lightweight compact design

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