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Commercial Heating System for 3-star hotel in Bournemouth

In 2017, Total Energy Services installed a new commercial heating system for a 3 star 53 bedroom hotel in Bournemouth.

Prior to the new commercial boilers being installed the hotel’s heating was inefficient using a non-condensing system meaning combustion gases go into the flue where 30% of the heat is wasted as well incurring a higher carbon footprint.  After surveying the requirements of the hotel, Total Energy installed a new energy efficient condensing commercial heating system, using Ideal Commercial Boilers.  Ideal Commercial boilers are one of the most respected names in the UK heating industry known for their high efficiency commercial heating solutions.

Ideal Boilers are designed, developed and tested to rigorous standards. Using state of the art equipment and techniques, only the very best are allowed to make it to manufacture.  Ideal Boilers concentrate on reducing emissions, especially of NOx. Many of the condensing boilers produce less than 40 mg/kWh of NOx.   Their commercial boiler manufacturing process incorporates the best practices learnt from the large-scale production of  their award winning domestic boilers. Ensuring consistent quality throughout manufacturing, an Ideal Commercial boiler will achieve the same standards of reliability and efficiency.

The hotel now benefits from reduced heating bills as the modern technology within the new boilers reduces the heat loss that previously occurred. They can also benefit from lowered carbon emissions which is much better for the environment, which feeds into the hotels green policy.


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