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How to bleed a radiator?

How to bleed a radiator – the beginners guide

Bleeding a radiator can really help your central heating system. Firstly, you will need to check whether the radiator is cold at the top or bottom.

If the radiator is cold at the top, then it is more than likely caused by air in your system. Therefore, by bleeding the radiator the air can be released, allowing the hot water to circulate and heat your home.

  1. Turn off your central heating
  2. Get an old rag to put under the valve as this will catch any escaping water
  3. Turn the radiator key anti-clockwise about quarter of a turn then leave it until the air stops and the water runs smoothly
  4. Turn the central heating back on and this should solve the problem
  5. If the radiators are cold at the bottom this is a good indication that there is sludge in your central heating system. Sludge and debris build up over time and can make it harder for the water to pass through your system, decreasing the efficiency of your heating. In this case it is best to speak to a professional as you may require something more comprehensive such a power flush or chemical clean.

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