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How often do you need a boiler service

How often do you need a boiler service

Whilst you may be aware of the benefits of having your boiler serviced, many are unsure of how often this should be carried out. Much like your cars annual service, to keep your boiler working to its optimum performance a yearly service is a must.

Extend your boiler’s lifespan

Regular annual servicing helps to extend the longevity of your boiler. By preventing potentially serious faults from developing this ensures the boiler is correctly maintained.

Over time a boilers efficiency will drop.  An annual regular service will go a long way to help the boiler work at full efficiency for as long as possible. The engineer will be able to diagnose parts that are showing assigns of wear and tear. By replacing these parts as and when necessary, you can avoid further damage being caused.  If faults are left they can result in costly repairs.

When should I have my new boiler serviced?

If you have recently had a new boiler fitted, you might be wondering whether you need a service at all? Most new boilers if fitted by an accredited installer come with good warranties.  These usually range from 12 months to up to 12 years. Often the manufacturer will void the warranty if the boiler has not been regularly serviced. Therefore, always ask your service engineer to fill in the service book. The service book is similar to the car service book.

What else should I be aware of?

Along with the numerous smoke alarms throughout your property you should have a carbon monoxide alarm. Carbon monoxide is virtually undetectable without an alarm, therefore it is very important you have this fitted. Around 50 people each year sadly die from carbon monoxide poisoning and even more suffer adverse effects.

Adverse effects include, headaches, dizziness, nausea and vomiting.  If you or a family member experience these symptoms you just seek urgent medical care from your GP or go to your local A&E department.

What next?

For more information about boiler servicing or to have a carbon monoxide alarm fitted please contact our office on 01258 472132 or fill in the enquiry form.


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