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Evaporative Cooling Units Installed in Southampton

Evaporative Cooling Units Installed in Southampton

Ensuring a commercial premises is operating safely and effectively is very important for many businesses. One of our clients a well known global insurance provider had a number of cooling issues at their Southampton head quarters.

Problem 1

The air conditioning system which cooled the data centre where the businesses servers were housed was overheating. This was due to the exterior chiller units being incorrectly located. The chiller units were in a heavily sheltered south facing position, slightly submerged into the ground.

In the summer months the air conditioning units would overheat and shut down. As a result, the data centre would become so hot that the servers would overheat. When servers over heat, data can then be unattainable.  Employees could not access important files which prevented them from working effectively.

The only way to cool down the units was to manually use a hose and water to physically cool down the units to stop overheating.


Total Energy Services installed two Breezair evaporative cooling units that ducted cool air below the chiller units. Controlled via a thermostat as soon as the space reached a certain temperature the Breezair units kicked in to provide immediate cooling.


The data centre maintenance team have found this system to be extremely reliable. They now have great peace of mind by not experiencing any faults with the servers over heating since the installation of the evaporative cooling units.

Problem 2

The second issue was with the air conditioning units which cooled the open plan office areas. Due to limited space and aesthetics preferences the outdoor chiller units were located within two ventilated buildings.  These buildings became so hot during the summer months that it was unsafe for the maintenance team and contractors to work in.

There was also concerns about the stress being placed on the air conditioning units due to the extreme heat load being generated.


Breezair units were installed complete with ducting to provide a continuous source of fresh air within the chiller unit.  This provided an essential air cooling to the buildings relieving the strain on the air conditioning units. The buildings are now cooled to a comfortable temperature to allow maintenance staff to easily carry out works.

Breezair evaporative cooling units were also installed under the chiller units so that air utilised by the air conditioning units was cooler, relieving the pressure on the air conditioning units.


The business experienced great benefits;

  • Not only are there huge savings on electricity as the warmer the air used by air conditioning units the more expensive they are too run.
  • Evaporative cooling units use minimal energy making them a highly sustainable cooling method.
  • No matter how hot the outside temperature is unlike air conditioning units evaporative coolers only ever use the same amount of energy.
  • The managers can now rest assured they have a highly efficient highly effective cooling solution in place and have peace of mind over the health of the servers being maintained.

Total Energy Services experts in evaporative cooling

  • Fully vetted and insured engineers
  • Gas Safe, WRAS, OFTEC, SSIP accredited
  • Accredited contractor for Seeley International – the global leader for evaporative cooling
  • Honest, reliable family owned business for over 25 years
  • Professional and experienced engineers

Sarah Higgs Seeley International UK manager

Total Energy Services have been established as Seeley Approved Contractors since 2017.  They excellently undertake installation and service work with our products and have been innovators in successfully applying the Breezair coolers for some niche applications.

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