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Are Gas Boilers being banned

Are Gas Boilers being banned

Is your boiler nearing the end of its life span but you feel worried that in a few years down the line you will be made to exchange your perfectly working boiler for something else – fear not.

Gas boilers are NOT being banned. Despite what you hear in the news.

So, What is happening?

From 2025 all new build homes have to meet a certain carbon reduction target and by installing a gas boiler this target will not be met. Therefore new build homes from 2025 will be fitted with a renewable technology such as a heat pump. This shouldn’t be a problem as new build homes are typically very suitable for renewable technologies such as heat pumps as they are very insulated.

Can I still replace my gas boiler?

Yes, you can certainly replace your gas boiler. In fact keeping an inefficient gas boiler will likely increase your fuel bills and your carbon foot print. Modern gas boilers are well over 90% efficient. If you bought a new gas boiler today, chances are it will run off natural gas for the duration of its life time.

While the Government have not stated a set route forward for heating Britain’s homes there is much stipulation about the use of hydrogen gas being used.

Realistically we see the two main ways to heat your home if connected to the gas grid will be hydrogen or heat pump.

What is hydrogen?

Hydrogen is a clean alternative to natural gas (methane). Hydrogen atoms are present in water, animals, plants and humans. The big difference is hydrogen gas is very scarce.

Therefore the challenge will be harnessing the power of hydrogen through the most efficient and green means.

Hydrogen can be produced from a variety of sources including nuclear power and renewable power such as solar and wind.

The problem is when we burn natural gas the waste product alongside water is carbon dioxide which is large volumes contributes to climate change. With hydrogen the only waste product is water vapour.

The process of replacing natural gas with hydrogen will likely take a phased approach. To be a truly viable method it must be able to be produced at scale economically which requires the current infrastructure being adapted.

Hydrogen will become readily available and a hydrogen boiler will be priced the same as a gas boiler

The good news is hydrogen can be transported through existed pipelines which in turn minimises disruption and costs.

Some of the biggest retailers such as Worcester Bosch have stated that hydrogen boilers wont cost anymore than regular gas boilers.

  1. Hydrogen blend boilers are currently available and manufacturers are now working on a 100% hydrogen boiler.
  2. See our article on fuelling the future to see a timeline of likely events.

The current timeline being discussed will see between 2025-2030 an introduction of 20% hydrogen blend into the gas grid and 2030-2035 100% hydrogen expected on to the gas grid.

As these changes progress boilers will be modified and developed to cope with the increase of green gas and move away from natural gas.

Of course heat pumps are also an option, although for many home owners not the preferred option. Click here to see our article details heat pumps.

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