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Heating a thatched cottage

Heating a thatched cottage

Few people can resist the pull of the quintessential thatched cottage. Evoking memories of days long past these idyllic country abodes have recently risen in popularity. This is only set to increase with many people choosing a more rural way of life over city life.

Are thatched cottages warm?

Thatched homes tend to be very old and whilst this contributes to their charm it may have you questioning their energy efficiency. Thatch being a natural material does a good job of keeping a cottage cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Furthermore, the smaller windows help keep heat in and thatch is a great sound proofer. The thick solid walls slow the heat loss in the winter and helps stop the heat coming in during the summer.

Is thatch a good insulator?

Depending on the material used will affect the insulation capabilities of the roof.  For example a long straw thatch is much better at preventing heat loss than a reed thatch. It is extremely important to ensure you keep up with the maintenance of your thatched roof as the overall condition will greatly affect thermal performance.

A thatched roof is energy efficient provided there is sufficient thickness of the right material, adequate weatherproofing and it is well maintained. In these circumstances, the addition of further insulation will have little benefit. However, if the thatch is relatively thin, or if there are numerous gaps where air is infiltrating that would be difficult to block, and if the space directly under the roof is not required for habitable accommodation, it may be best to treat the roof as a cold roof and add insulation at ceiling level.

Thatch cottage heating systems

Many cottages due to their rural locations may not be connected to the mains gas grid. Therefore your cottages boiler could run on LPG gas or oil. Both LPG and oil require you to have fuel deliveries and this will be stored within a tank in your outside space.  If modernisation is required new energy efficient boiler will be your best bet. Leading manufacturers such as Worcester Bosch and Grant both offer energy efficient solutions with long warranties for added peace of mind if installed by an accredited installer such as Total Energy Services.

How can we help?

We work on hundreds of thatched cottages in Dorset, Somerset, Wiltshire and Hampshire. Whether you have a nagging heating or plumbing issue or would like some advice why not call our friendly office on 01258 472132. Our local Gas Safe and OFTEC engineers are always happy to help no matter how small the issue is.


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