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What is a PRV?

PRV explained

A pressure relief valve commonly known as PRV, control or limit the pressure within your boiler. If the PRV breaks this can cause your boiler to breakdown, fail or in some cases cause a fire.   The PRV works by letting pressurised water to flow out of the system, this in turn protects other parts of the boiler that are not designed to be subjected to such pressures.  If the set pressure is surpassed the valve will open and some of the water in the system will pass through another route. This excess fluid is then burned and released into the atmosphere via your boiler flue.  As this passes to the atmosphere the pressure is hence reduced and the valve will close.

This is of course a simple summary of a complex process, but we hope this answers any questions on what a PRV is and the important of a working PRV in the context of an efficient heating system.

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