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What is a back boiler and why do so many people choose to replace to a condensing boiler?

Back boilers are attached to the rear of a fire place or stove hence their name. This type of boiler grew in popularity through out the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s.  However with the introduction of the condensing boiler they have been predominantly replaced by more efficient models.  A drawback of a back boiler is the lack of energy efficiency.  Typically a back boiler is just under 80% efficient whereas a modern condensing boiler could be 98% efficient.  This is particularly important when your heating accounts for over 50% of what the average household will spend a year on bills. Therefore an inefficient boiler can really affect your fuel bills.

A condensing boiler has a large heat exchanger which recovers more heat than an older non condensing boiler, sending cooler gases up the flue enhancing efficiency.

Furthermore since the UK government and European Union regulations state that a minimum of 86% boiler efficiency rating must be achieved with new boilers and the introduction of ErP ratings, back boilers are certainly in decline.  Back boilers due to their inefficiency produce more harmful toxins than condensing boilers and are more expensive to run. By replacing an old inefficient back boiler with a new condensing boiler, fuel bills will be greatly reduced.

Today lots of back boilers are replaced with the highly efficient combi boilers. A combi boiler will heat your home and provide instantaneous hot water. With no hot water cylinder, or storage tanks there compact sleek design is great if you want to save on space. Installation costs for combi boilers are relatively low compared to installing a condensing back boiler.

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