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What is an unvented cylinder?

An unvented cylinder simply put is a tank that stores hot water and allows it to pass through taps and showers when you need it. An unvented cylinder offers much enhanced performance than a vented cylinder as well as an unvented cylinder not needing a cold water tank as they take water directly from the mains.  This also allows you to have a nice and powerful shower as well as benefiting from no tanks in loft!

Since being made legal in the UK over 30 years ago unvented hot water cylinders have grown and grown in popularity.  Because an unvented cylinder takes its water direct from the mains supply you benefit from the mains pressure hence why you are then able to have a power shower due to the enhanced flow rates!  This means that the sealed hot water cylinder is fed directly by the cold water mains.

Many people also choose an unvented cylinder as they wish to make more use of their loft space, since you are taking your water directly from the mains the large cumbersome cold water tank in the loft is no longer needed meaning you can easily make better use of the space in the loft.  Even if you are not planning on going into the loft space the removal of all the pipes means no more frozen pipes in the winter.

Unvented cylinder benefits

Another benefit of a hot water cylinder is that because you no longer need to rely on gravity, the unvented cylinder can be located wherever you like! There will also be a reduction in noise as there is no sound of the cold water tabk filling up and it is also considered more hygienic as the system is sealed.

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