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Top tips for Gas Boiler Maintenance

Your boiler is the heart of your home providing heat and hot water all year round.

Aside from your boilers annual service, there are a few simple maintenance jobs that you can easily do at home to help keep your boiler working efficiently.

Keeping your boiler clean

To look after your boiler, keep the outer casing clean by wiping it with a damp, soft cloth and then dry it. It is vital to keep the flue, grilles and air vents free from blockages and if your boiler is in a cupboard it is important to ensure the boiler is easily accessible for engineers to work on it.

Never remove your boilers case this should only be done by a Gas Safe registered heating engineer.

If you suspect there is an issue with your heating system even if small, call an expert, by doing this you could reduce the chance of a costly breakdown and significantly reduce your heating downtime. Furthermore, boilers can emit poisonous gases which can be fatal, it is always strongly recommended to call an expert if you have any suspicions.

Invest in a room thermostat and set the timer

Once you have a room thermostat and timer you can set the boiler to be heating your home and providing hot water at times to suit you. This not only saves you money on your fuel bills by reducing waste,but you are also ensuring your boiler is not working so hard when it doesn’t need to.

Turn down the heating

This sounds obvious but many people do not consider just turning their heating down by just one degree could have significant savings.

You can save approximately £90 for every degree that you turn down.

Hot water cylinder help

Your cylinder thermostat should be set at 60°C/140°F. This temperature ensures harmful bacteria is killed however be careful as this temperature could lead to scalding. We recommend installing a thermostatic mixing valve to ensure that the hot water coming from your taps is a safe temperature. If your tank is not insulated then you can easily lag it yourself. You can purchase a tank jacket and pipe insulation from your local builder’s merchants at around £10

Cold weather advice

If you have a boiler in the loft space by slightly opening your loft hatch you can go a long way to help to prevent freezing pipes.

Warm weather advice

You may find that if you want to book your boiler service during the winter you have to wait longer than you hoped this is because winter is every heating companies busiest time. We suggest booking your boiler service during the warmer months to make use of this quieter period and to allow you to move into the cooler months with peace of mind that your boiler is running correctly.

Keep up to date with paperwork

Make sure after every boiler service and other times your boiler is attended to your boiler history is filled out.  This is important as it may be required to validate your boiler’s warranty.

Carbon Monoxide (CO) alarms

Carbon monoxide is a toxic gas, it can occur when a gas appliance has not been fitted correctly or poorly maintained.  It is strongly advisable to fit a carbon monoxide alarm in every room that has a gas appliance to ensure the safety of you and your family. Please note that smoke alarms do not detect carbon monoxide.

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