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Landlord Heating Advice: Top tips to keep a tenant heating happy

Landlord Heating Advice: What is the best heating system for your rental property?

This is a question we often get asked by both landlords prior to purchasing a rental property and those who have existing properties and are aware they need to review their current heating requirements. This largely depends on the existing property, for example we cover a large rural area meaning some of our landlord’s properties have an oil fired boiler or LPG gas boiler as the homes are not connected to the national gas grid.

Those who are connected to the grid and have an older gas boiler may wish to upgrade to an energy efficient condensing boiler or convert from a system boiler or traditional boiler to a combination boiler to free up space within the property through the removal of the hot water tank and cylinder.

Not only will you then benefit from cost effective heating as hot water is delivered instantly from the mains meaning you only need to heat what you need rather than heating a certain amount of water and then that water being stored in a hot water cylinder.

Depending on the usage requirements combi boilers can be perfect for smaller properties with some compact models fitting into a kitchen cupboard.

Combi boilers may be a good option if you currently have a traditional system and wish to utilise your loft space as you can then do without water storage tanks, reclaim your airing cupboard as there is no need for a hot water cylinder.

However, if you are thinking of purchasing or already have an older property which already have a traditional / regular of system heating system then it may be easier to simply upgrade the existing boiler rather than converting to a combi boiler. For example if you have low water pressure your older radiators may not be able to handle the higher water pressure that comes with a modern combi boiler and.

Most leading manufactures such as Worcester Bosch make combi, system and regular boilers that all come with A ErP rating. ErP rating is the new requirements set by the European Union that aims to improve heating efficiency within homes. By replacing an older G rated boiler with a new A rated boiler you could be set to save over £320 per year!

The most important point to take is that it is always best to seek professional advice when considering a new heating system.

If you are hoping to achieve a yield more or less straight away getting any potentials issues nipped in the bud or quantified can go a long way to ensuring the best possible start to your new property. If you are a landlord of an existing property are want to consider the different options of a new heating system Total Energy Services offer a free no obligation home consultation. Please call 01258 472132 or fill in the form.


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