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Servicing your commercial warm air unit

Servicing your commercial warm air unit

Total Energy Services recently serviced two warm air units within a retail space in Blandford.  Whilst most people now use gas boilers and radiators to heat their homes and businesses many people still rely on warm air heating for their primary heating source. Warm air heaters similar to air conditioning, blow warm air around through ducts and grills which circulates throughout the property.

How important is an annual service?

It is extremely important that you get your warm air unit serviced once a year.  The air blown around your home by the fan inside the unit collects dust and debris throughout the year.  Therefore it is very important this is correctly cleaned by a registered Gas Safe engineer. The fan pressure must also be checked along with the heat exchanger to ensure there are no signs of perforations. If a perforation occurs in the heat exchanger the air coming into your home could be contaminated therefore it is imperative you book your annual service.

Once the unit has been thoroughly cleaned and checked over you will usually notice instantly the unit working more efficiently.

Warm air unit repairs

If your warm air unit is not working do not hesitate to give us a call. We have specialist engineers who work on many warm air units each week and we are here to help.

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