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Renewable fuels for oil boilers

Renewable fuels for oil boilers

For over 50 years heating oil (kerosene) has been a popular choice for the 1.7 million homes not connected to the gas grid.

To help tackle climate change and achieve the Governments desired Net Zero target of 2050 a solution is needed for the oil heating industry.

The great news is that you DONT need to buy an expensive new heating system. Dramatic carbon savings can be had from simply switching the type of fuel you use.

Reducing carbon emissions

The liquid fuel heating industry is currently trialling a sustainable fuel known as Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil or HVO – which has been proven to cut emissions by almost 90%!

We believe that renewable liquid fuels offer a more cost effective and less disruptive alternative than heat pumps for the 1.7 million homes in UK not connected to the gas grid.

Future Ready Fuel are already demonstrating the potential of HVO in over 100 homes across the UK with fantastic results and will continue to do so.

Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO)

HVO is a renewable liquid fuel made from certified waste fats and oils its a greener and cleaner fuel.  Properties that convert from oil heating to HVO will see an immediate 88% reduction of their carbon emissions. Whilst this is not 100% decarbonisation – it is important to understand ‘net zero’ is not an absolute figure and accounts for variations across the country, especially when it comes down to rural homes and buildings.

For example its impossible to make some off grid properties net zero for their heating while other properties whilst it may be possible its just not affordable or cost effective.

HVO allows almost any off grid building to get very close to the target and can be viewed as a final solution or a stepping stone.

When will the new fuel be available?

Already over 100 properties are successfully using HVO to provide their heating and the plan is to increase this throughout the 2020’s and 2030’s gradually.

Will HVO be more expensive?

Initially HVO is likely to be slightly more expensive as is the case with most renewable solutions when they first come to the market. However, discussions are underway with the government to discuss pricing support. This support can then be phased out as HVO market matures and prices normalise.

Does HVO work with older appliances and AGA’s etc?

YES! Testing so far has not posed any issue with existing oil heating appliances including AGA’s etc once some modifications are made.

I am thinking of replacing my oil boiler now is this a good idea?

Replacing your oil boiler now is still a future proof investment. Conversion to HVO is expected to be straightforward and inexpensive with Grant UK already creating a HVO compatible boiler.

Grant UK HVO Boilers

When a homeowner chooses a new Grant condensing boiler, they are futureproofing their home as Grant boilers are now compatible for use with HVO. When HVO supplies becomes available to a property, only a few minor modifications need to be made to the boiler, swapping it from kerosene oil to HVO. These modifications include adapting the size of the fuel injector nozzle, fuel pump pressure and blast tube, all of which can be carried out by the service engineer during an annual service, making life simple for homeowners and for heating engineers. Older Grant condensing boilers may also be adapted to HVO but this may require a new biofuel burner that is matched with the specific boiler. Again, this can be carried out by a service technician during an annual service.

The future is exciting…

The outcome of this research is incredibly exciting for the heating sector, specifically for those homes which are not currently suited to low temperature systems. HVO biofuel, working with Grant boilers, provides another low carbon heating solution for UK homes which can play a part in helping existing residential housing stock to be decarbonised. While HVO supplies here in the UK continue to establish themselves so that more homes can access this biofuel, installers who fit a Grant boiler can provide their customers with a biofuel compatible boiler which can be converted to HVO operation simply and with minimal disruption.

What next?

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