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What is a traditional / regular boiler?

Regular boilers also known as traditional or vented boilers are suited to homes which already have this type of system or who may not be suitable for a combi boiler.  With a regular boiler there is a cylinder to store hot water and a cold water storage tank in the loft which feeds the cylinder along with a tank which maintains the overall water level in the central heating system.

A regular system may be the best option if the property is older and the radiators may not be suitable to cope with higher pressure mains water.

We often see regular boilers in larger and older properties where the water pressure may be low. Regular boilers such as the Worcester Bosch Regular Boiler Range are also compatible with solar panels which can help further reduce your carbon foot print.

Benefits of a regular boiler are that you can use multiple taps at the same time because the water is coming from a cylinder in your home meaning the pressure wont be affected. If you already have a regular system in place and prefer to use the existing pipework this could be a more cost effective option.

Can be used with an immersion heater this means that should your boiler breaks you can still have the benefit of hot water through the immersion.

A regular system is good for larger homes and is usually present in older properties where the water pressure is low. They are also compatible with solar panels allowing you to further reduce your carbon footprint.

Of course like all heating systems there are benefits and draw backs and a common draw back for a regular boiler is the amount of space taken up by the different tanks and the cylinder. This means that for those with smaller homes a potentially significant loss of space.

If you have a hot water tank this can be quite inefficient as the stored water will lose heat over a period of time, therefore its important to ensure you lag your hot water tank and pipes well.  Again due to the water coming from a storage tank rather than directly from the mains water you will need to wait for the hot water to fill up. Therefore it is best to be mindful how you use your water i.e think twice before having long baths if others will need to use the shower!

However, being based in a rural area many of our customers live in older properties where a modern combi boiler simply would not be possible, therefore all our engineers are highly experienced with regular boilers and heating systems and are happy to answer any questions you may have.

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