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One step closer for HVO to be used instead of kerosene

One step closer for HVO to be used instead of kerosene

We all know that action must be taken to help combat climate change and the way we heat our homes forms a large part of this, but there simply is not a one solution fits all when it comes to rural homes. We are glad to see HVO gain more traction as a viable carbon reducing and cost effective mean for rural homeowners.

HVO or hydrotreated vegetable oil drastically reduces carbon emissions for homes off grid while being cost effective to install and run.

Heat Pumps ARENT suitable for many rural homes without significant home improvements

The issue with heat pumps is that they simply aren’t suitable for the many off-grid homes. Unless your home has sufficient insulation a heat pump will struggle to provide the heating and hot water required.  Essentially a host of remedial insulation improvements need to be carried out prior to the heat pumps installation which hugely racks up the overall cost. HVO is a simple boiler conversion costing around £500.

The average cost of installing a heat pump and making the necessary energy efficiency upgrades is estimated to be c.£21,000 but, in some cases, this could reach £30,000.

However, George Eustice MP for Camborne and Redruth has put forward a bill to remove duties on renewable liquid heating fuels such as HVO to encourage people to switch from using kerosene.

So far very successful trials have been carried out in both domestic and commercial sectors. With an instant saving of 88% on carbon emissions we see this as a great first step towards our journey towards carbon zero.

Further success to HVO is the Ten Minute Rule Bill passes first stage in Parliament!

This may well pave the way for the UK’s 1.7 million oil heated homes in the transition to a low carbon renewable fuel.

Gladly the bill passed its first reading without opposition.

In his speech, George Eustice MP stated: “As we chart a course towards net zero, finding a low carbon solution for these homes is going to be incredibly important…the renewable liquid fuel heating bill establishes, in my view, a better path towards decarbonising our energy in these off-grid homes because the technology now exists to adapt existing boilers so that they can run not on kerosene but on HVO.”

Trade associations OFTEC and UKIFDA are calling for consumers to instead have the choice of keeping their boiler and transitioning to HVO. Nearly 150 properties have already switched as part of an industry demonstration project, reducing their emissions by 88% following a conversion typically costing less than £500.

Paul Rose, CEO of OFTEC, and Ken Cronin, CEO of UKIFDA, commented: “We welcome this Bill and commend George Eustice MP for standing up for rural homes. For many oil properties, the government’s proposals to deliver a heat pump first approach are simply unworkable. The technology is too expensive, the buildings aren’t suited and the installer base isn’t ready. With less than three years to go until the 2026 deadline, we need to rethink how we decarbonise the off-grid sector if we are serious about delivering net zero.

The Renewable Liquid Fuel Heating bill had its second reading on Friday 3rd March 2023. It is sponsored by: Sir Gary Streeter, Kevin Foster, Anne Marie Morris, Mr David Jones, Jim Shannon, Ben Lake, Sir Mike Penning, Mr Robin Walker, Selaine Saxby, Ian Paisley, Derek Thomas and George Eustice.

What next?

As soon as we have the latest update on the second reading we will endeavour to publish the latest news. In the meantime if you have any questions please either call 01258 472132 or fill in an enquiry form and one of the team will respond as soon as they can.

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