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New hot water cylinder fitted in Bournemouth

New hot water cylinder fitted in Bournemouth

Total Energy Services have recently installed an unvented horizontal cylinder in Bournemouth, Dorset. The customer’s beautiful older property had been experiencing numerous plumbing issues.

The original cylinder was undersized for the property. This meant the desired level of hot water wasn’t met and the shower pressure was weak.  The shower pump frequently burnt out resulting in costly repairs. We replaced the existing water tank and pump with a Joule unvented cylinder.

The water needed for an Unvented hot water cylinder is taken directly from the mains water feed.  This eliminates the need for a cold-water tank in the loft. The cylinder relies on mains pressure rather than gravity, meaning it can be situated almost anywhere and the performance is excellent.

Joule water cylinders are renowned for their high quality and craftsmanship. Pre-fitted cradles are easily removed allowing the cylinder to fit through the smallest of gaps.  Finished in attractive grey casing made of stainless steel, not cheap plastic. The cylinder also uses high recovery smooth tube coils which allows the smoothest transfer of water.

The result

Our customer now enjoys warm and perfectly pressured showers, all taps provide instant hot water at the desired pressure and the customer can rest assured.

What next?

If you have any questions, why not give our friendly team a call on 01258 472132 or fill in the enquiry form. You can also find out more about our boiler installation services in Bournemouth here.

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