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New boiler fitted in Gillingham, Dorset

New boiler fitted in Gillingham, Dorset

Total Energy Services have recently fitted a new boiler in Gillingham, Dorset. The customers’ existing boiler had broken down and was no longer within its warranty period.  The boiler was also highly inefficient.

Before the new boiler was installed the customers heating system was flushed out. This removes any build-up of sludge or debris within their heating system and ensures the new boiler has a clean system to run off.

A Worcester Greenstar 30kw combi boiler was installed. This high output boiler is the latest model of a generation of smaller and lighter boilers that still packs a punch in terms of output.  This boiler can also fit within a standard kitchen cupboard.

This energy efficient boiler will save you money on fuel bills being over 93% efficient.  For additional efficiency it is compatible with green skies solar panels and has a low energy pump which reduces electrical usage.

A 7-year warranty comes as standard which can be extended to 10 years if required. The simplistic boiler controls and user-friendly displays allow you to feel comfortable and in control of your heating.

Thermostatic radiator valves (TRV’s) were also fitted to each radiator further enhancing the energy saving ability of the heating system. The homeowner then has complete control of their heating room by room. For example, if you do not require a certain room to be heated you can simply turn the TRV down in that room.

Worcester Greenstar boilers have also been awarded the Which? 2020 best buy status. In conjunction with this, Total Energy Services are a Which? Trusted trader this means you can rest assured that we are here to provide a reliable, reasonable and honest service to all our customers.

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