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The cost of a new boiler explained

How much does a new boiler cost?

‘New boiler price’ or ‘how much does a new boiler cost’ are common internet searches, met with many companies offering 50% off new boilers or giving an instant price using an online calculator.

Truth be told, we have found that some companies offering outrageous discounts often add the ‘missing cost’ in other essential ‘extras’ and the majority of the online calculators provide a ballpark figure only.  The challenge is that it is very hard to provide an accurate cost without seeing the property in situ and discussing your heating requirements.

If the time has come to start thinking about replacing your boiler, we always advise you call a reputable company who can come out to your property and spend the correct amount of time surveying your needs and your property.

Unfortunately, we are hearing more cases of people being sold boilers without a qualified surveyor ensuring the exact requirements are met, this could mean you are faced with unforeseen costs as the surveyor is not technically minded to ensure your new boiler is right for your home.  Therefore, it really is paramount that you ensure a Gas Safe qualified surveyor attends your property to ensure you get the correct heating system for you and your home.

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