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Hydrogen Boilers

Hydrogen boilers: what you need to know

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Hydrogen Boilers: What you need to know

In order to meet the Government’s climate targets, decarbonising the way we heat our buildings has to happen.

Looking at low- or no-carbon energy sources as alternatives is key and hydrogen is looking like one of the most promising options.

Nearly 85% of us use natural gas for heating and cooking, but natural gas is a fossil fuel and produces green house gas emissions when burned.

Hydrogen on the other hand produces no carbon emissions when burned the only by product is water. Hydrogen is also renewable meaning we will never run out.

Why hydrogen boilers?

A hydrogen boiler looks and runs almost the same way as your current natural gas boiler does. Hydrogen boilers will also be able to make use of the existing gas network infrastructure.

Hydrogen is cost effective solution with minimal disruption to homeowners.

Hydrogen boilers combined with heat pumps, solar thermal and hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO) boilers are likely to pave the way for green heating options.

What’s the difference between Hydrogen Blend or Hydrogen Ready?

A Hydrogen Ready Boiler can run off 100% hydrogen or natural gas. A Hydrogen Blend boiler can run off a mixture of the two namely a 80/20 blend. This allows the move to hydrogen to be done in stages. In fact most of the gas appliances including our boilers that we use today can run off a hydrogen / natural gas mix.

All Worcester Bosch and Glow-worm boilers are already hydrogen-blend ready. That means they can run on a blend of 80% natural gas and 20% hydrogen, ready for when the government begins to add hydrogen to the UK gas grid.

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Hydrogen Boilers image
Hydrogen Boilers image

Benefits of Hydrogen Boilers

Cost effective

No need for expensive insulation improvements, a hydrogen boiler replaces your existing heating system.

No disruption caused during installation

No need to for disruptive works to be carried out prior to installation.

Renewable fuel

Hydrogen is a clean, renewable fuel. No carbon dioxide or monoxide is realised and it will never run out.


Hydrogen is highly efficient; producing far more power than natural gas would require to heat a home.

How much does a Hydrogen Boiler cost?

Manufactures are confident 100% hydrogen boilers shouldn’t cost any more than the equivalent gas boiler.

Expert Opinion image

Expert Opinion

Martyn Bridges, Director of Technical Communication and Product Management Worcester Bosch.

“Hydrogen-fired boilers will mean millions of existing heating systems in our homes can be saved, rather than the entire system needing to be replaced.

The beauty of hydrogen as an alternative to natural gas is the gas network is also in place, so homeowners won’t experience any major infrastructure disruption.”

How does a Hydrogen Boiler work?

A hydrogen boiler works much the same way as your current gas boiler does. By burning hydrogen via combustion, this creates the gases used to heat the water within your central heating system.

Looks and functionality wise you will not notice a difference.

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What is the likely timescale for Hydrogen?


In the Government's ’10 point plan’ was the framework to boost hydrogen production.


Successful trials have begun testing the viability of using hydrogen.


A 20% blend of hydrogen will be introduced into the gas grid.


100% hydrogen expected to be introduced to the gas grid. 


Net zero target achieved.

Future Ready Fuel

Creating a national hydrogen infrastructure will also open the door to wide-scale use of hydrogen for transport. Hydrogen fuel cells are seen as an attractive technology for commercial and heavy transport applications.

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Both Worcester Bosch and Glow-worm boilers are hydrogen-blend ready, meaning they can run on a blend of 80% natural gas and 20% hydrogen, ready for when hydrogen is added to the gas grid.

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