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Heat Pumps Installation and Grants: What you need to know

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Heat Pump Installers Dorset

Heat pumps along with hydrogen boilers, HVO boilers and hybrid systems are likely to be the future of domestic heating within the UK.

Heat Pump Grants

The government are currently offering a £5,000 grant if you have an air source heat pump installed in your home and £6,000 grant for ground source heat pumps.

Air source heat pumps can be an excellent low-carbon alternative to gas boilers.  They work by using electricity to take warmth from the air outside.  Heat pumps are a greener way to supply your home with heating and hot water.

You may need to improve your homes insulation prior to having a heat pump installed, your expert renewable assessor will go through any measures you may benefit from prior to having a heat pump installed. For example you may need to improve your homes insulation, or increase the size of your radiators. Underfloor heating works very well with a heat pump this may also be recommended to you.

Heat pumps despite being a fairly new technology can be expected to last over 20 years and as they only use electricity they are a low carbon way of heating your home.

Our expert surveyors have a bespoke approach to heat pumps, as we understand everyone’s home is unique. We know that not every property is suitable for a heat pump and can outline all the options available being realistic about costings and any disruption that may need to take place.


Heat Pumps image
Heat Pumps image

How does a heat pump work?

A heat pump simply takes the available heat from the air or ground outside your home and increases that temperature via electricity to be a more useful temperature for use in the home.

See here for a more detailed explanation.

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What is the difference between a heat pump and boiler image

What is the difference between a heat pump and boiler

Boilers work off a much higher temperature than heat pumps, this allows boilers to easily and quickly heat your home through your radiators. As heat pumps run off a much lower temperature, they are designed to stay on for long periods. This is why underfloor heating and larger radiators along with other insulation improvement works are often needed. These types of measures increase the thermal efficiency of your home and in turn the effectiveness of a heat pump.

The adoption of heat pumps will be a long process. The way a heat pump works is very different from a boiler and therefore it is important that you conduct thorough research and use a qualified and trusted company to assist you with the design and installation of any renewable technology.

Are heat pumps worth it?

The success of a heat pump lies in the thermal efficiency of your home. As heat pumps run off a lower water temperature avoiding heat loss is crucial to the success of the heat pump.

Without adequate insulation measures to minimize heat loss, a heat pump will not be very efficient and is likely to cost a lot to run in electricity. This has lead to many homes needing a secondary heat source such as a log burner, defeating the very object of being energy efficient. We have heard this to be the case even with new build homes. A correctly designed and specified heat pump system is crucial to the success of this heating system.

Having detailed energy efficiency survey from an experienced surveyor prior to having a heat pump installed, is highly recommended. If your home is not particularly suitable for a standalone heat pump we also offer  hybrid heat pump. A hybrid heat pump, is a heating system made up of two heat sources. For example you could have a heat pump alongside your existing or new energy efficient boiler.

Hybrid systems allow you to enjoy immediate carbon reduction without compromising on comfort. They also allow you to take on costly and disruptive insulation improvements over a longer period of time.

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Insulation measures you may require

Insulation measures very much vary on your current homes age, construction and size.

Having an experienced energy surveyor assess your property prior to having a heat pump installed is extremely important.


Improvements to loft insulation

£180 to £3,500

Replacement windows

£1,200 to £10,000

External wall insulation

£4,300 to £20,000

Internal wall insulation

£2,500 to £11,600

Floor insulation

£550 to £900

Advantages of a heat pump

Very effective

In a highly insulated home a heat pump will work well

Environmentally friendly

Heat pumps only use electricity and the only by product is water

Very long lasting

If your heat pump is installed correctly it is a long lasting solution to heating your home.

Extremely efficient

Heat pumps are 300% efficient making them a very efficient heating system

Heat Pump Disadvantages

Less effective in colder months

Radiators often need to be 30% bigger

Costly insulation improvements

Heat pumps can be noisy

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