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Improving your oil boiler efficiency

The more efficient your oil boiler is the lower your fuel bills and carbon emissions, learn how to get the most from your homes heating to save money.

Improving your oil boiler efficiency

There are many things a homeowner can do to ensure their heating system is working as efficiently as possible. Having an efficient heating system ensures your energy bills are as low as possible while reducing carbon emissions.

5 ways to increase your oil boilers efficiency

1. Upgrade heat source and combine technologies

Upgrading to a new A-rated oil boiler along with a highly efficient cylinder can make a huge difference to your heating bills and how sustainable your home is.

2. Correct system design

It is crucial the correctly sized boiler is installed. Too small and this will cause the system and you numerous problems and too big will mean an inefficient boiler as the boiler output will be higher than what the property requires. Therefore, it is essential you use an experienced oil boiler installer when surveying your home for a new boiler.

3.Complete the new boiler commissioning process

Alongside system design and installation, the commissioning process is very important. Commissioning involves balancing radiators and setting up the pumps if either is done incorrectly this will effect how the system works.

4. Effective heating controls

Effective controls allow you to be in complete control of your system – heating only the areas you require when you require.

5. Routine servicing

Regular maintenance in the form of an annual boiler service is crucial for the efficiency of your boiler. Failing to keep up with your annual service will invalidate the warranty of a Grant or Worcester oil boiler. Regular servicing helps to prolong the life span of your boiler, the engineer can spot for early signs of wear and tear and rectify before they could turn into a major breakdown.

Total Energy Services are proud to be Grant G1 installers. Our G1 status means we are endorsed as expert installers for Grant oil boilers. Our customers can have confidence when they have their heating system maintained by us and we can offer extended guarantees that other installers cannot.

If you would like a Grant oil boiler quote please click here. Our friendly team of reliable and professional engineers cover Dorset, Somerset, Wiltshire and some of Hampshire. Please get in touch for more information.

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