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How easy it is to move my boiler?

How easy it is to move my boiler?

Boiler relocation is a very common question we get asked. This is usually because the original installer has not correctly thought out the best place for the boiler to be situated. There always needs to be a balance between accessibility, abiding by regulations and maximising space in the home.

Beware of boilers in the loft or eaves!

Many homes which have loft conversions find themselves with a boiler in the eaves in their bedroom.  This can mean especially in the cooler months when the heating kicks in you are woken up by the boiler! Other boilers are installed in the space loft where access is compromised.  This makes it very hard for homeowners and heating engineers to carry out maintenance and repairs.

Moving your boiler from the kitchen to say a garage or utility room is a popular choice.

Things to consider


As discussed above you will need ease of access for both yourself and heating engineers. The type of floor covering is also important for example carpet is easier to pull up over concrete or tiled floor.

Regulatory constraints

Condensing boilers under regulations need to be positioned a certain distance from doors and windows and there is also a minimum clearance needed for the boiler flue. If these are not abided by not only could you be putting you and your family in danger but during a gas inspection this will be picked up and you will be issued a warning notice depending on the severity of the breach.

The boiler will also need access to a waste pipe hence many boilers being situated within a utility room or bathroom. The further away from a waste pipe will mean you will need more pipework,  which naturally will add extra costs.

How much does it cost to move a new boiler?

Costs for moving your boiler will vary depending on a variety of factors such as;

  • Type, make and model of boiler
  • Pipework and associated fittings
  • Boiler flue
  • Any boiler controls
  • Any filters

The majority of the cost is the materials and labour needed to relocate the boiler. Of course every home differs in layout, therefore the most expedient way forward would be to book a free, no obligation boiler survey at your home. This will give you a fixed price for the cost of moving your boiler.

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