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How does a heat pump work?

Heat pumps are extremely efficient, for example each kW of electrical power a heat pump absorbs up to 4 kW’s is created rom the air. In fact heat pumps can reach over 350% efficiency! But how does a heat pump actually work? In this article we will give a simple explanation to this highly efficient and low carbon heating solution.


How does a heat pump work?

A heat pump is a great choice for those who wish to significantly reduce their carbon footprint but how do they actually work?

Heat pumps use thermal energy within the air that you or I cannot feel to generate heating and hot water for your home. Even in the cooler months a heat pump can generate heat from the outside air to heat your home.

Heat pumps extract thermal energy from outside and convert this energy into heating and hot water for your home.

how does a heat pump workA heat pump connects to your central heating system which allows it to feed heat into your radiators, wall units or underfloor heating.

Heat pumps use the same principle that allows a fridge to cool your groceries but they utilise the energy in reverse.

A heat pump operates in the following way:

  1. Outside air is pumped over the heat exchange surface of the outside part of the heat pump.
  2. This warm heat evaporates the refrigerant liquid in the heat pump into a gas.
  3. The gas is put through a compressor and this increase in gas pressure causes the temperature to rise.
  4. This heated gas can then be transferred into a homes central heating or hot water cylinder to provide hot water for taps, showers and baths.
  5. As the gas cools in temperature the heat is transferred into your home and then turns back in its liquid state.
  6. This refrigerant liquid goes back to the outside heat exchanger and this process will repeat until the desired amount of heat reaches the home.

heat pump working in home

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