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What happens during a boiler service?

An annual boiler service is key to ensuring that your boiler is running safely and efficiently.

It’s all too easy to forget to book your service but regular servicing goes a long way to increasing the life span of your boiler and saving you money through the reduction of costly repairs.

Boilers which are not maintained or damaged can be very dangerous to you and your family due to the risk of leaking carbon monoxide gas which could lead to poisoning.

Many people ask what happens during a boiler service and therefore this article outlines what happens during a Boiler Service by Total Energy.

  • Firstly, our engineer will inspect your boiler and its controls to ensure they are working correctly. During this inspection the engineer will be paying particular attention to any weak points, leaks and possible corrosion damage.
  • Our engineer will remove the boiler case to check the main components are operating as they should. It is important that you never remove your boiler case yourself this should only be done by a Gas Safe registered heating engineer.
  • A gas pressure check will ensure your boiler is operating at the correct gas pressure.
  • To check that no dangerous emissions are being discharged a flue test will be carried out.
  • After cleaning your boiler as required and with the case back on and correctly sealed our engineer will leave a report with you so that you can see what has been done and steps you can take to help keep your boiler working soundly all year round. sent through post. engineers will service boiler as per manufactuers requirements. please ask engineer if you have any questions about boiler.


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