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Guide to VAT Relief on Building Works

Vat Relief on Building Works

Did you know that if you have a disability you can more often than not be able to benefit from VAT relief on certain building works?

Whilst there is not a VAT refund system, if you are entitled to VAT free building work the company who provide the works will not charge you the VAT. For example if you would like to convert your existing bathroom into a bathroom to suit your needs then you would not need to pay the VAT on these works.

This includes;

  • Bathrooms
  • Washrooms
  • Toilets

This could include the addition of a new bathroom, washroom or toilet or changes made to an existing bathroom to help you in your daily life.  For example this could be turning a bath into a walk in bath or shower. This could be because you are unable to lower yourself into a bath due to your disability.

You may want to consider having a bathroom installed on the ground floor of your home because you cannot gain access to the upstairs of your home. By modifying your existing bathroom you can make special changes to allow you to safely use it, this can include having anti slip flooring laid.

In order to qualify for VAT exemption you will need to have the work carried out in your home. Your home is classed as your private residence ie where you usually live.  The term home also extends to your garden and any outbuildings.

Vat relief on buildings works which is not covered

Not all heating and plumbing services are covered for VAT exemption.  For example this would be installing a new or modifying your existing central heating system.  This means a new boiler would still be subject to VAT. Radiators and components within your central will also not be VAT exempt.

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