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Good news for Biofuels: with PAS 5420 publication

OFTEC has secured publication of a new Publicly Available Specification (PAS 5420) to assure the sustainability of renewable liquid fuels such as Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO) as part of its commitment to offer low carbon heating solutions for off-gas grid buildings.

The trade body for the oil fired heating association OFTEC has secured publication of a new PAS 5420 otherwise known as a publicly available specification.

What is a PAS

A PAS is a fast-track standardization document – the result of an expert consulting service from BSI. It defines good practices for a product, service or process. It’s a powerful way to establish the integrity of an innovation or approach.

What can a PAS achieve?

The publication by the British Standards Institution (BSI) follows an extensive review process by industry specialists alongside a public consultation.

Raise your profile
Benchmark quality and influence the marketplace
Create solutions
Show leadership

Published PASs can then go on to form the basis of international standards, e.g. ISO standards.

What does the PAS 5420 set out?

This PAS replaces the existing voluntary industry standard BLPS 25 which OFTEC had previously published. Waste-derived HVO is already recognised in the Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP 10.2) for compliance with building regulations, but this new specification provides the means and mechanisms to assure that only sustainable liquid fuels are used in the heating market.

The specification sets out:

  • That currently available renewable liquid fuels for use in fixed combustion applications for heating, hot water and cooking must be wholly derived from waste sources, such as used cooking oil, to ensure sustainability and decarbonisation of the liquid fuel heat sector with bio-liquids which do not impact land use or contain polluting fossil fuels.
  • Audit requirements to maintain sustainability and decarbonisation via liquid fuels going forward, and;
  • the process for next generation renewable liquid fuels to be evaluated for suitability for fixed combustion applications.

Paul Rose, Chief Executive of OFTEC

“This is an important milestone in delivering a renewable liquid fuel solution for oil heated homes. We’ve demonstrated that HVO works as a direct replacement for kerosene and this new PAS ensures the continued use of sustainable waste derived liquid fuels. “The mounting evidence to support HVO cannot be ignored and this new specification will help to deliver a low carbon, sustainable future for oil heated homes. We urge the government to recognise this opportunity to more quickly decarbonise the off-grid sector whilst minimising the cost and disruption for consumers.”

This announcement comes after OFTEC called on the government to adopt a technology neutral approach to decarbonising the country’s rural homes. OFTEC wants renewable liquid fuels to be recognised as a viable solution to the multi-faceted approach to the UK’s decarbonisation programme.
Rural homeowners without the use of renewable liquid fuels will be faced with unaffordable high costs of around £22,000 and huge disruption to switch from liquid fuel systems. HVO itself immediately reduces emissions by 88%.
Already 150 oil heated properties across the UK have been converted to HVO which has now been successfully running for two years.

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