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Emergency boiler replacement in Dorset

Emergency boiler replacement in Dorset

Total Energy Services recently completed an emergency boiler replacement in Milton Abbas, Dorset. The elderly couples existing boiler had broken down and they were without heating and hot water during a particularly cold snap.

Due to the age and condition of the boiler the decision was made to replace the old inefficient oil boiler with a new energy efficient Grant oil fired boiler.

The Grant Vortex Pro combi oil boiler allows the couple to benefit from both heating and instant hot water. As well as powering showers and taps with sufficient pressure.

This oil boiler comes with a 5 year warranty as standard.

Prior to the new boiler being installed the clients pipes underwent a thorough cleanse to ensure the new boiler has the best possible system to run off. A magnetic filter was installed to help catch any future debris and reduce the chance of the system being blocked with debris.  A wireless room thermostat was also fitted to ensure the customer can easily control their boiler. Thermostatic radiator valves were fitted to some of the most used rooms radiators to give the customers even greater control of there heating. Thermostatic radiator valves allow you to control the amount of heat a room gets which means you are not unnecessarily heating rooms you are not using.

Grant Vortex Boilers

The Grant pro vortex boiler has some of the highest efficiency ratings in the UK for oil fired boiler and comes in an internal and external model. The boiler is endorsed by the energy saving trust and has won Which? best buy for oil boilers for three years running. The Which? Best Buy logo is widely recognised as an endorsement that reflects confidence, trust and reliability in products. The Which? Best Buys and the supporting surveys play an important role in the decision-making process for householders researching new appliances for their home. Grant Engineering is therefore thrilled to have the high-quality build of their Vortex Pro Utility models, for example, acknowledged in the latest Which? survey with Best Buy status.

This A rated boiler incorporates the latest low Nox technology which meets the latest emissions regulations. An energy efficient boiler will not only lower your fuel bills but it will reduce your carbon impact on the environment but only burning fuel that will be utilised. Grant oil boilers will typically run at around 91-93% efficient where as older boilers may only run at 40-50% efficiency.

What next?

Total Energy Services are oil boiler experts in Dorset, Wiltshire and Somerset. Whether you require a one off repair or would like a quote for a new boiler our professional heating engineers are here to help. Call our friendly office on 01258 472132 to speak to a heating professional.


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