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Industrial Cooling

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Industrial Cooling

Most commercial buildings will require some form of cooling in the summer months. Whether it is the outside temperatures causing the interior temperatures to rise of the heat is caused by equipment or processes. For example data centres require being kept at a cool constant temperature all year round to prevent equipment failure.

Indoor air quality is a crucial factor is staff productivity and moral, working conditions in production plants for instance can be challenging at all times of the year, but in summer these challenges are heightened.

A UK study shows that employee productivity is at a much lower output in the summer than in the winter. There was also an increase in accidents when air temperatures rose above 20 degrees.

Evaporative cooling solutions draw fresh air from the outside, filters the air removing dust and pollen and circulates this cool fresh air around the space.   Its an environmentally friendly and cost effective industrial cooling solution. Evaporative cooling can be used in many types of businesses including warehouses, factories, data centres, gyms, schools, industrial units and more.

What is evaporative cooling?

Evaporative air cooling uses the natural reaction of evaporation to cool the air. In an evaporative cooling unit, a pump circulates water from the reservoir on to a cooling pad, which becomes wet. A fan draws air from outside the unit through the moistened mat, as it passes through the pad the air is cooled by evaporation.


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Industrial Cooling image
Industrial Cooling image

Benefits of Evaporative Cooling

Environmentally Friendly

Save up to 10,000kg of carbon a year compared to a equivalent air conditioning system.

Extremely Economical

Up to 90% cheaper running costs than air conditioning.

Improves Air Quality

Utilises a natural process which enhances the air.

Eliminates Odours

Nasty odours are gone with no stale air circulating.

Doors Stay Open

Doors and windows stay open while you benefit from a cooler atmosphere.

Case Studies

Evaporative cooler fitted in a Warehouse, Portsmouth

Evaporative cooler fitted in a Datacentre, Dorset

Evaporative cooler fitted in a large scale office, Southampton

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    Where is evaporative cooling used?

    • Office space
    • Warehouses
    • Factories
    • Data centres
    • Gyms
    • Leisure
    • Schools
    • Industrial
    • Pharmaceutical

    Industrial cooling: The Challenge

    Evaporative cooling is fast becoming the most efficient option when cooling large areas. For many businesses air conditioning is simply not a viable or sustainable option. The high capital and running costs are very off putting and for some businesses such as food production stale air re-circulated could transit germs and harmful pollutants.

    More and more UK businesses are opting for evaporative cooling units. Especially industries with high heat loads such as bakeries, packaging facilities  or premises where commercial ovens are involved where temperatures can get sweltering.

    Additional problems are caused when warehouses dealing with food or drinks have to maintain a specific temperature requirement. Here a direct evaporative cooling solution is key as it doesn’t require any chemical refrigerants to work.

    Breezair is the global leader for evaporative cooling technology. Available in many different ranges to meet the customers needs many UK businesses are choosing Breezair by Seely International. including, John Doe Furniture, Decathlon, Riverside Bakery, Bennet Opie, Nicholl Food Packaging, Ageas and more.

    Sarah Higgs, Seeley International

    Total Energy Services have been established as Seeley Approved Contractors since 2017.  They competently undertake installation and service work with our products and have been excellent innovators in successfully applying the Breezair coolers for some niche applications.  

    Why evaporative cooling?

    Evaporative cooling can be used in an array of applications. Many types of educational, medical and business spaces will require a form of air cooling during the warm summer months. Typically this would involve a costly air conditioning unit that re circulates stale air at very high running costs. As energy prices increase along with a focus on greener energy sources many businesses are looking at a low carbon cost effective way of cooling their business.


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    Industrial Cooling image
    Industrial Cooling image

    Working with leading manufactures

    Seeley International

    Seeley International is a world leading climate control solutions enterprise.  Not only are Seeley Australia’s largest air cooling manufacturer they are also the global leader in developing energy efficient heating and cooling products.

    Award winning excellence

    Breezair direct evaporative cooler
    The Energy Awards 2019

    Indoor Air Quality Product of the Year 2019, Breezair
    ACREX Awards of Excellence 2019 

    Winner: Energy Reduction product 2018, Breezair TBSI 580
    2018, London Energy Management Awards

    Winner: Breezeair

    2019 Energy Efficiency Award at Innovation Experience (Venice, Italy)

    Click here for more information on Seeley International

    Breezair by Seeley International

    Breezair is a commercial brand designed and developed by Seeley offering a range of high performance world leading direct evaporative coolers.

    Evaporative cooling is fast becoming the only sustainable way to cool larger space and open air spaces. Breezair is the worlds coolest, quietest and most energy efficient evaporative cooler.

    Click here for more information on Breezair Coolers


    Industrial Cooling image
    Industrial Cooling image
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