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Boiler service & certification

Help prevent breakdowns and keep your boilers running efficiently

Why get your commercial boiler serviced?

To ensure your commercial boiler is safe and working correctly

Decrease the chance of a costly breakdown

Reduce energy bills

Ensure your warranty isn’t invalidated through lack of servicing

Minimise the risk of potential carbon monoxide leaks

Commercial Boiler Service and Certification

Get peace of mind your boiler is running as safe and efficient as possible allowing you to carry on running your business.   Having your commercial boiler serviced each year goes a long way to extending the lifespan, remember a healthy boiler will cost you less to run and lower your carbon foot print.

Our commercial boiler service is suitable for all types of commercial boilers including gas, LPG and oil fired boilers. Our heating engineers have both the qualifications and experience to work on commercial boilers. All engineers regularly attend training courses to ensure we continually offer the best possible service.

When you book a commercial boiler service with us you know your in good hands, our engineers will give you advice on how to keep your boiler running as best it can whilst giving you tips on how to save energy which will lower your fuel bills.

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