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5 reasons you should book your annual boiler service in the summer

Annual Boiler Service – Why most heating companies encourage homeowners to book during the summer?

Most people tend to forget about the importance of their boiler and heating system during the summer months and only pay attention when it’s time to turn on the heating and find the boiler wont fire up. Therefore, heating engineers will usually advise to book your boiler service during the warmer months for the following reasons.Most heating companies are less busy in the summer.

By booking your boiler service in the warmer months you can usually pick and choose the best date and time for you.

If left to the cooler months when heating engineers are running at full capacity you will often have to wait longer and not necessarily get the time slot you would prefer.

Rectify issues when you don’t need to fully rely on your boiler.

By fixing any niggling issues when you are  not completely relying on your boiler for both heat and hot water, is always preferable than finding out one cold November morning through experiencing a freezing shower!

Boilers need to be off.

During a boiler service you will need to turn your boiler off a couple of hours before. This means booking a summer boiler service is ideal as you wont need to be within a cold house at all.

Be winter ready.

The start of the cold weather corresponds with people turning on their heating for the first time after summer meaning typically more breakdowns. Booking a summer boiler service means your boiler is prepped and ready for the cooler months.

No need to worry about big bills before Christmas.

By booking your boiler service in the summer you don’t need to worry about another extra expense at the already most expensive time of the year.

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