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Best Boiler Warranty

Best Boiler Warranty

When considering purchasing a new boiler, most people have a list of questions to be answered before you can make a decision.  After all purchasing a new boiler is a big investment to make and unfortunately doesn’t tend to come at a convenient time. An important consideration when perusing new boilers is to find the best boiler warranty.

What is a boiler warranty?

Essentially boiler warranty means if your boiler breaks down during it’s warranty period the manufacture will send out an engineer to fix the problem at no extra cost.

What boilers have the longest warranty?

Typically the longer the boiler warranty the better quality the boiler.  However, this will usually also mean the higher the boiler price.  Therefore it is important to think about your circumstances and what you deem important for you.  Perhaps if you plan to stay in your home for a couple of years you may be more price conscious rather than focusing on a long warranty. If you are planning to stay in your home long term, it maybe wiser to choose a boiler with a longer warranty.

Total Energy Services are accredited Installers for Worcester Bosch, Vaillant, Glow Worm and Grant UK. All these boilers are from reputable manufactures with long warranties.

Worcester Bosch Warranty

Worcester Bosch offer a standard 7 year warranty on their Gas and LPG boilers. They offer an extended warranty of 10 years if installed by an accredited installer and if a magnetic filter installed. Worcester Bosch offer up to a 7 year warranty on their oil boilers.  Again if installed by an accredited installer and  a magnetic filter installed.

Vaillant Warranty

Vaillant offer up to 10 year’s warranty on boilers installed by a Vaillant Advance engineer’s and the boiler is installed with a Vaillant Boiler Protection Kit.  In the boiler protection kits are Litmus paper for the engineer to easily test water quality during service visits.

Glow worm Warranty

Glow worm offer up to 10 years if a club energy (accredited installers installs the boiler) and a magnetic filter is fitted.

Grant UK Warranty

Grant UK offer up to a 10 a year warranty if installed by a G1 (accredited installer) and a magnetic filter is installed.

How to keep my warranty valid?

Most manufactures require you to have an annual service in order to keep your boiler’s warranty valid.  This is crucial to ensure that if something does go wrong you do not want to pay for the repair yourself.

Some manufacturers stipulate a powerflush must be done during an installation.  This ensures the system is clean when your new boiler goes in thereby prolonging the boilers life.

Why does a magnetic filter need to be installed to extend the warranty?

Most manufacturers stipulate that a magnetic filter must be installed in order for you to benefit from any extended warranty.  Magnetic filters help to protect your boiler from debris and limescale building up.  A build up of debris in your heating system can wreck havoc if left. A magnetic filter will capture the corrosive particles before they can circulate through your heating system.

What is my boiler breaks and it is no longer under warranty?

If your boiler has broken down but the boiler is not in warranty it’s best to call a qualified heating engineer.  They can come out to  who will be able to come out to diagnose the fault with your boiler.

What if my boiler breaks under warranty?

If your boiler has broken down within it’s warranty period, you can firstly call the installer.  Our customers always call the office if they have any issues with their boiler during the warranty period.  The office can arrange the manufacturer to attend to your boiler.  This gives you the peace of mind you are being swiftly seen to.

How to get an extended warranty?

Most manufacturers offer a standard and extended warranty. All boilers will come with a standard warranty.  This can usually be extended if the boiler is installed by an accredited installer and there has been a magnetic filter fitted.

Individual manufacturers do differ in their terms and conditions.  Therefore it’s crucial any boiler is installed by a professional and qualified heating engineer

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