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Are LPG boilers energy efficient?

Are LPG boilers energy efficient?

LPG boilers are generally energy efficient, especially if you have a modern LPG boiler as they can achieve efficiencies of over 93%.

Whilst it is still deemed a ‘fossil fuel’ it contains 33% less carbon monoxide than oil and 15% less than oil. LPG and oil fired boilers are the primary fuel types for the 4 million plus homes which are not connected to the UK gas network.

This means that fuel to power your homes heating and hot water will need to be stored on site.

Most leading manufacturers have natural gas and LPG counterparts to their boilers.

For example, the new Worcester Bosch Greenstar 8000 is a highly efficient boiler available in natural gas and LPG. It is suited to all types of homes and comes with up to a 12-year guarantee when installed by a Worcester Accredited Installer such as Total Energy Services.

Its sleek new design, improved boiler display with easy push control buttons. The Worcester 8000 is perfect for homes with more than one bathroom.

To enhance energy efficiency wireless connectivity is used with your smart thermostat. A rated and with a range of outputs this boilers improved modulation means you would b e hard pressed to find a more energy efficient LPG boiler.

What is the future of LPG?

Perhaps you have decided to upgrade your existing LPG boiler but are concerned about the future of LPG and what this may mean for your heating system.

BioLPG is the latest carbon reducing option for those using LPG to fuel their homes. Made from a mixture of sustainable materials it is certainly a step in the right direct. Being chemically identical to LPG it can provide the same level of efficiency as LPG fuel but uses 15% less carbon than your standard LPG fuel.

What next?

Total Energy Services are LPG specialists. Our rural positioning means we work on LPG and oil-fired boilers day in day out. Therefore, you can rest assured you are in safe hands when it comes to your heating system replacement and maintenance.

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